Why Stream?

May 21, 2012Posted by csandy

You need to add a live stream to your next event.  Too often, event organizers neglect to harness the power of professional live Internet broadcasting.  Internet broadcasting, web streaming, or web casting (all essentially the same thing) can extend your program beyond the walls that contain your event.

A live web stream of your event increases your audience, provides revenue opportunities, and enhances your brand.

Sold out event?  Web stream it and have participants pay on demand.

Bad weather?  Stream it.

High large-venue costs?  Stream it.

Need have the whole company participate in the annual meeting, but can only fly a few?  Stream it.

Hot new product launch you want the whole world to see?  Stream it.

Get in touch with Sandy Audio Visual today to set up your professional Internet broadcast.  For more info contact info@savweb.com

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  1. Joe Mahedy says:

    I could not agree more. This is the wave of the future.

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